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Since its foundation in 2010, one of the company’s main drivers has been the use of the foremost advanced technology in all its industrial transformation processes. By implementing this, and considering the tremendous importance of a sustainable renewable source such as the forest, the company has achieved a complete green process productive structure, becoming a key pillar in the company’s mind-set and, simultaneously, one of the strongest core values of the firm.

Established within the European Union in Spain, Resinas Naturales brings to the market new opportunities both for many European customers and for the world’s most essential industries and well-known brands.

Sociedad de Resinas Naturales, S.A. is a chemical manufacturer built on products developed using pine chemical resources like rosin, turpentine, fatty acids, modified rosins and other materials all obtained principally from Spanish Pinaster pine trees.

Resinas Naturales’ main activities consist on transforming the key active ingredients obtained from pine trees into premium performance rosin resins and polyterpene resins to meet the rigorous standards and quality requirements of its customers worldwide.

Its cutting-edge technology and commitment for delivering high quality products ensure their products perform consistently in a wide variety of specialized markets, including cosmetics and healthcare, adhesives, printing inks, paintings and coatings, construction, flavouring and fragrances, and agriculture. Amazingly, the list of daily essential products, all derived in some way from the pine tree resin, is all around us.

At Resinas Naturales we are especially dedicated to sustainability and environmental care. We uphold excellence and best practices along the firm’s employees, experts and technicians, since we precisely pay attention to each of our clients’ ultimate requirements.

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Resin: A Future Promising Renewable Resource

Rosin is obtained by distilling pine tree resin. Pine trees have been used by humans for centuries for a diverse range of activities over history. The natural sticky property of rosin in rosin bags helps baseball players grip the ball better and violin players creates beautiful music by stabilizing the bow on the stringed instrument. Anyone who has read the bible may recall how pine resin was used to waterproof Noah’s Ark. And the

ancient Greeks used it for lighting and in religious ceremonies. Pine resin has been integral to human life for more than two millennium and we continue to make use of rosin in a multitude of modern conveniences that include resin products, electronic materials, various chemicals for papermaking and other useful everyday items.

At RESINAS NATURALES we go beyond the meaning of doing business in itself. We do not only strive to satisfy our clients' requirements, we also pay attention to the resources looking after each detail."

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Resinas Naturales’ Gum Rosin, is obtained using 2nd generation distillation technology, which not only guarantees a highly efficient process but also a more sustainable development.
Our Gum Rosin, satisfies the most rigorous standards of quality and adjusts perfectly to our clients’ needs.
Gum Rosin is delivered in two different forms:

- 25kg multi-layer paper bags
- 200kg metal drums


- 25kg multi-layer paper bags


- 200kg metal drums

Products & Markets   Modified Rosin

Modified Rosin

We are currently working in a new product range of modified rosins, primarily based on esterification process.

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